Tuesday, April 17, 2007


By: Woodstruck

Intro: D - D/F#m - G - A

Im forever thankful for the skies up above
For the birds that sing and fly up so high

Im forever thankful for the wind and the rain
How they refresh me and remind me of my king

I will shout forever, you are my Lord
All throughout eternity, you are the king

Em - D/F#m
You are Praiseworthy
Em - D/F#m
Lord, You are Praiseworthy
Em - G
You are Praiseworthy
A - D
Oh my Lord

Im forever thankful for the stars in the night
How they sparkle and light up the night skies
All of these is beauty oh how profound
All of this power.. all of this Love


Lord your love shines like the sun so bright
And your ways are high above us
Lord your love shines lije the sun so bright
Let your ways be known forever


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